1. 2017
  2. Globitex is launched in limited Beta version with bitcoin against euro as the foundational trading pair

  3. Bitcoin cash is added to the platform after splitting from the bitcoin blockchain

  4. Globitex group company Nexpay UAB receives e-money institution license from the Bank of Lithuania

  5. 2018
  6. The Globitex ICO is successfully launched and more than 11 000 ETH was raised with the public sale fully subscribed in less than 24 hours

  7. The GBX tokens are distributed to more than 4000 ICO participants

  8. The Globitex exchange is launched in full version

  9. Ether and the GBX token are listed on the exchange

  10. GBX token usage for trading fee payments and the burning of redeemed GBX is launched, enabling the full envisioned utility of the GBX token

  11. The first GBX loyalty programs are launched

  12. Stasis EURS is listed as the first stablecoin on the exchange

  13. 2019
  14. The EURO Wallet, powered by the EMI licensed group company Nexpay, UAB is launched on the Globitex platform as the industry leading EUR payment solution for crypto companies and individual traders

  15. The new Globitex website is launched to improve customer experience, transparency and functionality

  16. New trading interface

  17. GBX usage for EURO Wallet fee payments

  18. Globitex Referral program

  19. Listing of the USDC stablecoin

  20. The EURO Wallet card

  21. Spot gold trading

  22. 2020
  23. Margin trading

  24. Bitcoin inter-broker offered rate (BIBOR)

  25. Bitcoin based commodity futures

  26. Crypto-currency futures

  27. Crypto-currency options

  28. Crypto-currency swaps

  29. Bitcoin priced Globitex commodity index (GCOM)

  30. Physically settled commodity futures

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