Globitex New Visual Identity
Less is More!

Preserving recognized and identifiable set of values, Globitex shifts to a modernly shaped identity that makes company brighter and more noticeable, while building sustainable visual identity.

Strong and noticeable visual identity is a first and initially critical stage of beneficial long-term cooperation. It is an image that represents the nature of Globitex.

Bold - crisp, clear and perfectly aimed company goals and vision of the future, which may appear a bit overly ambitious to the others, but is actually the beginning of a great progress. Our intention is demonstrating advancement to a whole new level with both visual identity and set of activities.

Clear - transparent, readable and neat profile of the company, free of anything unneeded.

Energetic - presentation of company’s essence and today’s vision for upcoming years. Energy is among the key components of succeeding instruments, that is impossible in absence of new identity.

Fresh - sharp visual image that is shaped for tomorrow and company’s plans for the bright future ahead.

Transparent - no hidden ambitions or information, clear image and action that enhances customer loyalty and brings new business opportunities.

Have a look at the imagery below and welcome to the new Globitex!

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