GBX for deposit
The long awaited Globitex pilot loyalty program is now LIVE!

For weekly net deposits over EUR 100 a bonus of 1% will be awarded in GBX tokens*

* the maximum lifetime bonus per person, within this loyalty program is 1000 GBX tokens. The weekly GBX bonus is calculated based on the net of deposits and withdrawals in all currencies converted to euro.

For example, if you deposit EUR 1000 in your account on the Globitex exchange, you will receive 100 GBX tokens (at rate of EUR 0.1) in your account as a bonus.

The loyalty program will run for a month starting on October 9th till November 9th including, or until total of 150'000 GBX tokens are given out in bonuses!

But that’s not all, free GBX will allow you to test out GBX utility token unique feature, that is paying trading fees on Globitex platform, allowing you to not only save 20% of the trading fee, but also utilize GBX tokens at minimum value of 0.1, when doing so. Video tutorial how to enable it can be found on Globitex social media channels.

What are you waiting for? Login, deposit and get your free GBX!

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