Why EURO Wallet?

Why EURO Wallet?

We have created the EURO Wallet with crypto traders and entrepreneurs in mind. This is the absolute market leader in speed, reliability and convenience for fiat to crypto operations offering functionality not available anywhere on the market.

EURO Wallet for traders

When trading between different exchanges, the key aspect is speed. All EUR exchanges let you access your money only with an extra step of transferring the EUR funds to another bank account in your name, which, depending on the bank the exchange uses can take 1-2 days. With the EURO Wallet we take this step away by having your personal EUR account on the same platform as your trading account, thus allowing for instant transfers and saving you time and money when moving funds.

EURO Wallet for crypto businesses

99% of financial institutions in Europe will say no to your business if they get the faintest hint that your business is in any way related to cryptocurrency. As a crypto business manager myself, you can trust me on this one as during last year one of the top 3 business issue I had was managing banking relationships. Problems starting from closing of bank accounts with no explanation to asking ridiculous fees for banking services to mostly just saying that they do not bank with crypto businesses. Don’t get me wrong, we take AML/KYC very seriously and we conclude thorough due dilligence on our clients, but what I can promise is that we will never say no to a client because their business is related to cryptocurrency. So is ours! The EURO Wallet is the perfect solution for companies working in trading, mining, companies accepting crypto as payment method, crypto startups and others.

EURO Wallet for individuals

You want to buy and sell cryptocurrency, but your bank does not support payments to crypto exchanges? You do not want to risk losing your bank account to do some trading? The EURO Wallet is the best solution for the retail trader as it lets you buy and sell cryptocurrency without fear of getting your funds frozen or account closed down due to operations with cryptocurrency exchanges.

Thank you,

Uldis Teraudkalns

Globitex CEO

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