Use Globitex token GBX to pay for EURO Wallet fees

Dear Globitex community

We are excited to announce that we have added a new layer of utility for the Globitex token (GBX) by enabling the usage of GBX to cover all standard EURO Wallet fees.

Along this new development, we are also setting the discount for using the GBX token for fees at 50%. This discount applies to both the exchange trading fees as well as the EURO Wallet fees for both individual and corporate customers.

We remind you that when using the GBX token to pay for our fees, the value we apply for the token is minimum 0.1 EUR. While the market price remains below this level, you can capitalize an additional discount to the 50% from the price difference by buying GBX on the market and using it to pay for fees.

For more information or inquiries, please visit Fees or contact Globitex Support.

Unlock the GBX token utility!

Your Globitex team

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