Is Turkey an upcoming crypto powerhouse?

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Is Turkey an upcoming crypto powerhouse?

This is the question in my mind as I wait for my flight home after attending the Blockchain Economy Istanbul 2019 conference. A city of 15 million, a country of 80 million, a currency that has recently seen major turmoil and a political regime that is ambiguous in terms of basic freedoms at best. This paired with the enthusiasm for crypto that I witnessed at the conference and also in the streets (I saw the bitcoin symbol on quite a few windows of local businesses) makes for great potential in becoming a major crypto market.

I met numerous companies with great products from different geographies that have realised this opportunity and are going strongly for Turkey, some of them already opening local offices. My primary focus during the trip of course was spreading the word of Globitex and introducing companies to the EURO Wallet. The demand is as high as anticipated as crypto businesses continue struggling in maintaining stable banking relationships, which is exactly the problem we are trying to solve by offering a secure, crypto friendly and convenient EUR account via our exchange. Lots of new partnerships and client relationships to follow!

CEO, Uldis Teraudkalns

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