Roadmap Update


Dear Globitex community!

We have published a “Roadmap” section on our homepage, outlining our progress so far and showing the plans ahead. Year 2018 marked the full launch of our operations and introduction of the GBX token to the exchange in full functionality. The second half of the year was invested into bringing the industry leading fiat solution for crypto traders and companies – the EURO Wallet. On the back of the EURO Wallet we plan to strengthen our core exchange product by adding additional assets like new stablecoins and gold to be traded on our exchange, fully rework our trading interface and enhance the consumer value by connecting a debit card to the EURO Wallet account. The companies in the space have faced wartime environment over the past more than 12 months, when triage-like decisions had to be taken to survive and strengthen themselves for the next wave of adoption. We believe 2019 has all the pre-requisites to start the next wave of optimism and we are well placed to reap the benefits.


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