GBX token for commission is now LIVE!

Dear community, yet another major milestone reached and our core feature GBX for Trading fee payment is now live for you all to start benefiting from it!

We deeply care about our clients and partners, so we are always making sure that any innovation and upgrade will be a WIN WIN for everyone who is involved or will be affected by it. That is exactly what we had in mind, while working on the GBX for commission payment feature.

The GBX token will serve the primary purpose of a means of settlement of trades on the Globitex exchange, serving as a Trading fee payment token, as well as used within loyalty programs in the nearest future. All registered clients of the Globitex exchange will be able to redeem GBX tokens as payment for Trading fees. The GBX tokens will be priced at minimum EUR 0.10 when used for Trading fees on Globitex exchange plus a discount of 20% on the standard Trading fee of 0.2%. For example, at a price of GBX 1 = EUR 0.10, the client opting to use GBX as payment for trades will be able to enjoy the following bonus: GBX 1 = EUR 0.10 + 20%. Over time, depending on overall Company’s success, the bonus will potentially increase in order to stimulate widespread utilization of GBX tokens for trade settlement. All GBX tokens used for Trading fees on the exchange will be burned.

Furthermore, Globitex will offer other Company success-related member loyalty programs to reward its clients and token holders during the GBX Token lifetime. Overall, GBX Token is expected to have a 10-year lifetime, during which time, tokens can be redeemed, loyalty programs and other success-related benefits enacted. After 10 years will have elapsed, the Company will review the GBX Token program and make the necessary adjustments on continuation of the program.

You can find all the fees and legal here.

Good news never comes alone! To give you even more motivation and encouragement, we are offering 0% Trading fee 14-Day Trial for new Clients.

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