Community Report 14

CEO Statement

Dear Globitex community!

Welcome to the monthly community report of Globitex! This is the place where you can hear first-hand about our progress, our plans and reflections on events in the crypto scene.

It is a bit funny how the price of bitcoin and also altcoins are following the seasons this year. It started with the crypto winter when we were still sitting at the bottom from the previous boom at below $4000. Then there was crypto spring, a new awakening and the price rose above $8000. The summer party took the price above $14000, but the day after brought it down to $10000. Now fall is here and with it came a fall back to below $8000. I am wondering if we will have a Merry Christmas or just a cold, cold winter coming. To be determined very soon. Congress keeps grilling Facebook and Libra while SEC attempts to bring the hammer down on the release of gram token by Telegram. In the meantime, Peter Thiel invests heavy into bitcoin mining, the Swiss financial regulator grants bank license for two banks with clear crypto strategy and we just saw the 18 millionth bitcoin mined. There are ups and downs, but the trend is what we want it to be.

Back home at Globitex we are putting most our efforts into corporate customer attraction. This push has been started by introducing new pricing plans for the EURO Wallet as well as making necessary adjustments to our risk policy in order to ensure adequate balancing of risk controls to customer experience. An important milestone in our journey was reached when the Globitex exchange was listed on Coinmarketcap ( The process of being listed was long and tiresome, but I believe that achieving this goal is a testament to our credibility, reliability and longevity as a business. Next up is the listing of the GBX token.

In October we participated in the second workshop of the Lighthouse development program by Mastercard and NFT ventures. Within the program, we are developing a cutting-edge funding solution and liquidity network based on PSD2 Open Banking, which will truly position us in prime spot for becoming the go-to infrastructure for crypto businesses and market participants in Europe. At the end of October we will go to Stockholm to workshop 3, where we will compete with other great companies to get a chance to present our project at Slush conference in November. The conference season is on in full throttle and we have been and continue spreading the word about Globitex near and far. The Delta summit in Malta revealed that almost all large Asian exchanges are coming for the European market and coming fast. The likes of OKEX, Huobi, Binance, Bithumb and others are looking for ways how to most efficiently grab their share of Europe. This trend I also noticed during the Blockchain Life conference in Moscow, where all of the big Asian players were present. The Russian market in itself presents a large opportunity due to its size and the appeal of crypto currencies in limited liberty context.

Thank you!

Uldis Teraudkalns
Globitex CEO

1. Operational Stats
Trading volume change6%
Deposit value change76%
2. GBX Stats
GBX trading volume189 k
Highest GBX price0.02 €
10 Sep 2019
GBX burned to date193 245
GBX loyalty program rewards35 105
3. Technical Stats
Threats stopped1519
Bandwidth served37.6GB
Unique visitors14 321
Page views84 839
4. Financial Stats
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