Community Report 13

CEO Statement

Dear Globitex community!

Welcome to the monthly community report of Globitex! This is the place where you can hear first-hand about our progress, our plans and reflections on events in the crypto scene.

It appears the market is preparing for the next major swing as the bitcoin price has been hovering around 10000$ since our last report was issued roughly a month ago. Momentum is building, let us see in which direction the sentiment will shoot. Most analysts and bitcoiners are trending up, which is expected as the bitcoin network hashrate recently hit 100 Quintillion hashes per second for the first time, indicating growing miner optimism. Stablecoins are still the most talked about topic with various banks and large corporations both from crypto and tech world announcing their coins or plans to create ones. Telegram also announced the launch of the TON testnet which is a crucial step in bringing the largest and one of the most talked-about ICOs to market.

We have upgraded to the Globitex api suite by adding methods for managing the EURO Wallet as well as deposit/withdrawal operations on the exchange. This upgrade now allows our professional customers to fully integrate all our platform functionality into their systems, enabling seamless service flow. Continuing to provide our customers with exceptional value, we have added the Globitex token/EUR pair that allows our customers to buy GBX directly with their EUR holdings to have it easier to use for settling fee payments with substantial discounts.

In September we started our participation in the Lighthouse development program by Mastercard and NFT ventures. The program is aimed at developing strategic partnerships between startups like us and incumbents of the financial industry, such as Mastercard, SEB Bank and Swedbank. We participated in the first workshop and are now preparing proof of concepts for the second workshop in October. Another highlight for September was our participation in the Baltic Honeybadger 2019 conference in Riga. We were positively impressed with the level of presentations and dialogue on stage and recommend bitcoin people to attend next year. We were both sponsors of the conference as well as hosted a special BBQ on the next day after the conference. The fall conference season is picking up pace and we plan to attend the main events, including places like Malta, Moscow and Singapore. Hope to see you there!

Going forward our focus remains on corporate customers. We are adding additional features to our service to meet our corporate clients’ expectations for becoming the main financial infrastructure for their operations in exchange, acquiring, international remittance and others. We are approaching the end phase for the listing of a gold backed token, that would allow our users to buy ownership in gold, redeemable physically and transferable peer to peer.

Thank you for your continued support!

Uldis Teraudkalns
Globitex CEO

1. Operational Stats
Trading volume change-4%
Deposit value change3%
2. GBX Stats
GBX trading volume152 k
Highest GBX price0.036 €
13 Aug 2019
GBX burned to date103 848
GBX loyalty program rewards35 105
3. Technical Stats
Threats stopped283
Bandwidth served13.4GB
Unique visitors15 608
Page views132 365
4. Financial Stats
Budget Breakdown
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