Community Report 04

Globitex CEO address

Dear Globitex community!

Welcome to the monthly community report where we look at the biggest highlights since the previous report as well as give an insight into what comes next.

As I write this message, the hottest topic on the crypto scene is the upcoming hard fork of the Bitcoin cash protocol. What was supposed to be a regular update has turned into a heated debate and increasing uncertainty over the future of this project as two separate proposals are put forward for the future of the chain. Currently it looks more and more like a two chain split will be the result. It is a bit ironic that Bitcoin cash itself was created in similar fashion not much more than a year ago. It will be interesting to watch how this develops, but it is quite likely that BCH payment operations at Globitex will be suspended for more than 24H to let the dust settle and the new order emerge. Customer value is always our main focus, thus we will take decisions with this approach in mind.

The main highlight of the past month was the launching of Globitex visual identity uplift, which has received positive feedback and allows us to present ourselves as reliable, fresh and dynamic brand. We also launched the first GBX loyalty program that rewarded our customers for depositing funds on the exchange and the first users have already received their GBX bonuses. Additionally, we are constantly working to educate our users on using GBX for fee payments as it offers fantastic value over paying regular fees. We have finished developing the GBX burning facility and will make a separate announcement with information regarding the first tokens burned soon after this report is published.

Representatives of Globitex visited the Malta Blockchain Summit, Websummit in Lisbon as well as the Fintech Inn Conference in Vilnius, which all were impressive events with lots of new business relationships created. Our co-founder Jon Matonis lead a token economics panel both in Malta as well as gave a speech on tokenization in Vilnius. Another major milestone reached has been adding of Stasis Euro (EURS) stablecoin to our exchange offering. We believe that the team of Stasis have done a great job creating a professional, transparent and reliable stablecoin for EUR, which is in line with Globitex strategy and values. We look forward to expand our partnership with Stasis and continue revolutionizing the financial markets.

Looking ahead we are eager to start trading with EURS which should happen any time now, possibly coinciding with publishing of this report. Our full focus is on delivering the personalized EUR wallet function to our customers by the end of this year, which will offer truly unique value, currently not present anywhere on the market. Hopefully, the Bitcoin cash turmoil will resolve positively for BCH holders as crypto markets have enjoyed enough negativity this year.

Thank you, Uldis Teraudkalns Globitex CEO

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