Community Report 03

CEO statement

Dear Globitex community!

Happy to greet you on the September community report! The markets are still working in high uncertainty mode as statements and decisions from regulators around the world have been keeping traders and HODLers on edge. We as firm believers in the future of crypto continue to develop our products to give our customers the best value and experience.

The main highlight of September was launching of GBX token settled trading fee payments on the Globitex exchange. As promised, we are offering GBX holders substantial value by setting the floor value of GBX when settling trading fees at the ICO price of EUR 0.10 and adding a 20% discount to the fee itself on top. After launch the price of GBX token rose significantly, reaching 0.0722 EUR on September 18th at the peak. Currently it is still trading below ICO price so combined with its utility, there is still quite some arbitrage to exploit for GBX buyers so do not hesitate to come and trade on

The development effort in September was focused on the GBX token, i.e. launching of GBX for trading fees, preparing for launch of the first GBX loyalty program as well as developing the GBX burning facility. The loyalty program pilot and GBX burning is scheduled to launch in October. The first phase of Globitex visual identity refresh was almost completed and you will be able to see it on our materials, social networks and website in October.

For October our main focus is on launching the GBX loyalty campaign pilot which will reward our users for depositing funds on the Globitex exchange with a GBX bonus, which can be either held or used for trading fee payments going forward, thus enabling literally free trading past the regular 14-day free trial for new users. Additionally we continue implementing the EUR IBAN accounts and payment function, which is a cornerstone of our further development.

Thanks for your ongoing support, Uldis Teraudkalns Globitex CEO

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