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Dear Globitex community!

Welcome to the August community report! Summer is almost over and quite frankly it has been winter-like in the crypto markets. Investors and HODL’ers are eager to see crypto prices back on the rise, but it seems that we all will have to be patient. Meanwhile, this is a great time for companies to develop new ideas and catch the next bull run with unique functionality. That is exactly what we are doing at Globitex.

We have finished the first round of hiring for the Dev team by hiring an additional back-end developer who has worked on Globitex in the past as well as a full-time front-end developer whose main task is development of the Globitex exchange web platform and trading interface. The tender for CLO went in to the final stage in August and we expect to make the hire in September. We expect to fill one vacancy in marketing and one in IT administration in September.

The development effort in August was focused on the GBX token, i.e. introducing GBX for fee payments as well as making preparations for launching the first GBX loyalty pilot program. Both these projects will be launched in September. Additionally we have created the first visual versions of the new trading interface as the kickstart for the exchange interface upgrade project. Now that the Dev team is complete, we can work on multiple projects simultaneously and that will significantly increase our output and time to market for new features.

For the upcoming month the main challenges will be successful launch of the GBX related programs as well as ramping up marketing activities. We have been investing time and resources into developing our marketing muscle to do effective investments into marketing going forward and bringing more customers to the exchange. Another major focus point will be the integration with our group EMI licensed company Nexpay to offer our clients individual EUR accounts with unique IBAN numbers and possibility to make and receive 3rd party payments. We aim to rollout this awesome addition to our platform in Q4 and will be focusing most of our efforts on this major project.

Let us survive the crypto winter together,

Uldis Teraudkalns

Globitex CEO

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