How can I fund my account?

    In order to fund your account, you will have to perform the following steps:

  1. Open the “Accounts” tab, which will reveal all of your trading accounts.
  2. If you have created multiple accounts, choose the one you wish to fund and click on the “Pay-in” option, which is aligned in front of the currency you wish to fund the account with.
  3. If you wish to fund the account with one of the cryptocurrencies, you will be provided with an address, to which you have to send the funds. (Attention! Carefully check whether you are sending the right cryptocurrency to the specified address!)
  4. If you wish to fund your account with EUR, simply follow the instructions and send the funds to the bank account stated below. (Attention! Please ensure to copy paste all required fields, especially the reason for payment details!).
  5. If you have an active EURO Wallet account, simply choose the “My trading account” template and specify the amount you wish to transfer. The transfer of EUR from your EURO Wallet is free of charge.